How good is Proton Mail's free plan?

Short question:
Is the free plan worth it or do I need the paid plan?
Its just going to be a E-Mail-Client.
Thinking about moving away from

Depends on your usage honestly. If you don’t use email much and don’t want to use custom domains or the proton bridge (to use thunderbird), 500mb is more than enough.

Also you can upgrade it to 1GB by doing few tasks.


The free plan is free, so by that definition it is definitely already worth it, as you have nothing invested in it in the first place. If you’re wondering whether it is a fully usable email account, then yes it is. Especially if you clean up your inbox once in a while and don’t hoard every notification code you get ever sent, the 1GB that you can easily get for free won’t fill up anytime soon.

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Just be aware that you can’t create more than 3 folders in the free plan, other than that it should be quite nice and usable as main email provider.


Oh wow, I didn’t realise that! I have the paid plan and have almost 30!

Free is not always free.
In this case I have to invest my time to change my email at all my accounts.
If I do so I want to have an Idea of what I am getting into :slight_smile:
The 3 folders thing is something I would have to think about. Maby for my workplace, bankaccount and PayPal :thinking:
And keep the for the rest.
Thanks so far :+1:t5:

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I find myself having another email account is actually helping me to better manage my emails that are beyond saving in my main (15 years old) email account. Now, I can:

  1. Choosing a new email service that’s better and more interesting than my previous one.

  2. Slowly changing my email address on various services that I am using daily. If I am not using any service today, I probably won’t use it often or might not use it anymore. So, I left the old email registered on those services as-is.

  3. Labeling my emails, better organized inbox, archive, etc., which is not manageable any more with 15,000+ unread mails in my main email account :joy:

I am very happy with my new email account. Having a new email after 15 years is better than I thought.


Proton’s free plan is quite good
The storage is fine (unless you import some huge, old inbox) even if you send many attachments and the paid features are really bonuses that most people don’t necessarily need

I say that as somebody which has been using it since around 2021 without paying.


Someone correct me if Im wrong but I believe with skiff you do not have a folder limit and they give you 10gb on the free plan instead of 1gb, though proton’s is perfectly usable even if more limited


Checking out skiff :+1:t5:


This. Skiff is doin a great job

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And remember in your decision
No IMAP in proton, if you need it

What is it good for? Besides what google tells me?
I can fabricate, Programm CNC and tell you about engine oil. But this stuff here? Im a Noob in lol

If you only want to connect via Webinterface or proton App, you’re save
But of you want to connect via a third party client or mail app, it’s not possible with proton

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Since 2020 without paying, I generally delete all emails after reading except for a few which I keep archived (online receipts and really important conversations)

I’m currently using 2MB / 500MB. Storage wise, it’s really not a problem :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure there is no private email supporting IMAP on the Free plan.

I personally just archive all my mails after replying or a conversation has ended, and yet I’m still only using 37mb together with a couple of bigger documents I have on Proton Drive

in actual E-Mail I use at most 5mb of my free 1gb of storage

How’d you got 1GB for free? Mine only has 500MB…

oh, I think it was part of a promotion thing to download their mobile apps back when I joined? I honestly don’t remember, I joined before the rebrand :person_shrugging:


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