How do I buy a 4chan pass without KYC?

I mean, the only options seem to be credit card via Stripe (KYC) or crypto via Coinbase (KYC). Why can’t I just send some Litecoins to some wallet without doxxing myself?

I’m not in the US so card masking services like or Visa/Mastercard prepaid with crypto are not available here.

Doesn’t WalletConnect work without KYC? I just tried connecting a wallet (UnstoppableWallet) and it worked. Fairly certain that the payment works too. It’s hidden under “Connect another wallet”.

It is possible, I think these would be the steps for a perfectly anonymous 4chan pass:

You need your phone and PC. Buying Monero first is optional but recommended.

  • Turn a VPN on on both devices.
  • Create a non-custodial Monero (XMR) wallet, e.g. in the app Cake Wallet. Back up the seed phrases. Buy Monero (e.g. on LocalMonero or Kraken) or buy some other crypto like Litecoin (LTC) and swap it to Monero (this can be done in Cake Wallet). Make sure that the amount is enough e.g. the 4chan pass is $20 so you should exchange >$25 just to be sure that fees and exchange rate fluctuations won’t bring you below $20.
  • Download Coinbase Wallet on your phone and create a new wallet (and back up the seed phrase / recovery phrase)
  • Tap on “Receive” → copy Ethereum address (first in the list)
  • Exchange your Monero to Polygon: e.g. in your Monero wallet in Cake go to “Exchange” → from XMR to MATIC[POLY]. The recipient address will be the one from Coinbase Wallet. (The exchange will take about half an hour.)
  • On the PC, go to 4chan Pass - 4chan, enter your email address (this shouldn’t contain your name obviously) (use something like, Protonmail or Tuta where you can sign up without giving your name or phone number), then click “pay with digital currency”
  • Select Coinbase Wallet in the browser. It will show you a QR code to scan
  • In the Coinbase Wallet app, click on the icon than looks like [] to scan the QR code. Now your Coinbase Wallet app will be connected.
  • In the browser, click “Choose asset” and change it from “Ethereum on Base” to “Polygon”
  • Click “Pay Now” and confirm the pop-up in the app.
  • Whatever funds you have left in Coinbase Wallet, you can send back to your Cake Wallet

This way you have not identified yourself anywhere.


thank you i will try that!