How can I privately run a application on macOS outside of a virtual machine?

How can I privately run a application on macOS outside of a virtual machine?

I use Linux in my daily life and rely on 100% free software, but for work, I have to use macOS and some proprietary software that doesn’t respect privacy.

I would like to have more privacy when using macOS. For example, how can I run an application that is laden with trackers in a way that prevents it from accessing various device information for advertising tracking, such as my computer’s serial number and list of applications?

I prefer not to use a virtual machine because they are too resource-intensive, sacrificing too much convenience, and virtual machines generally have a significant impact on battery life.

I understand that macOS has a built-in sandbox feature that can restrict a software’s access to files, but it seems ineffective in preventing advertisers from tracking and identifying my device. Additionally, this sandbox only applies to software downloaded from the App Store – I do not log into the App Store.

Is there a method to meet my requirements in this case?

Note: I heard that (just heard, I’m not a programmer or any professional computer practitioner, so please forgive me if my question is too silly for you) Docker is a method to run software in a certain virtual environment. Can it help me privately run a software on macOS?

if that mac is your work computer, just keep exclusively work stuff on that machine, it’s not private to begin with.

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Docker on macOS is a (Linux) virtual machine, and there isn’t really a solid way to run any app with a GUI with it anyways.

I don’t think there is a way to easily do what you want here. Separating applications from the host system is exactly what virtual machines are designed to do.


A blocking DNS should help with the tracking.

But, as @pinkandwhite said: keeping personal stuff out of work computers and work phones is the best policy.