Hide.me VPN

what do you think about this vpn? its a nice alternative to proton?

They don’t seem to have open-source clients (except the Linux CLI). Also, they don’t offer options to pay with anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero or other anonymous methods like cash. I have zero info on whether they have Forward Secrecy.

These are the three requirements to be included in PG that Hide Me just failed to achieve. So, in the current scheme of things. They cannot be included.


Further you won’t find much meaningful about them on the web as it’s pretty clear they’ve been farming SEO with “surface level” reviews/astroturfing that don’t really mean anything. So we’d say that’s deceptive advertising.


Right now, Hide.me has official open source clients for:
• Linux (CLI);
• Open WRT;
• Ubuntu Touch (in development).

Other hide.me clients seem to be proprietary.

Source: hide.me VPN · GitHub

While cash payments aren’t supported by Hide.me, many cryptocurrencies are accepted for payments, with Monero being one of them.

Source: Which Payment Methods Does hide.me Support? - hide.me

Also, Hide.me published a blog post that describes Perfect Forward Secrecy in 2017. While it’s not written anywhere in the article that Hide.me supports Perfect Forward Secrecy, I assume that it does, but take that with a grain of salt.

Source: https://hide.me/en/blog/perfect-forward-secrecy/

I am not affiliated with Hide.me, neither use it.
I also don’t necessarily recommend this VPN provider, but wanted to share this information nonetheless.

The points you have mentioned are insufficient to recommend Hide.me on PG, particularly when compared to the already recommended alternatives.

Hide.me is permanentley on sale and necessitates an actual email address for registration. Their marketing strategies are similar to NordVPN, asserting that they provide the fastest, safest, and most secure VPN service [1]. According to my understanding they do collect telemetry data [2].

This being said, I don’t think they fulfill PG VPN’s criteria [3]. And overall, Hide.me just appears somewhat dubious to me. But this part is just my personal opinion.


I agree that Hide.me shouldn’t be recommended over more trusted options and I also know that it doesn’t fulfill the Privacy Guides’ VPN provider recommendation criteria, therefore my notice at the end of my first comment.

I understand now that I could have been more specific to make it explicit that Hide.me shouldn’t be recommended by Privacy Guides.

I also agree that the Hide.me marketing strategy focuses too much in trying to look like the best VPN provider out there in every metric.

Thank for your sensible reply.