Perfect Privacy VPN

Why is perfect privacy not recommended.
I think they are a really good VPN.

Perfect Privacy VPN: Fast, anonymous & safe on the InternetPerfect Privacy

Already Server got seized and nothing was found

New Client is Open Source and is working good.
They are located in Germany.
Operating since 2008.
Its to much to put everything in 1 Thread.

Here is a Interview from the owners.

Was wondering why they are not listed.

Literally loads Google trackers on the homepage…

Also really likes to make bold claims of becoming anonymous.

New Client is Open Source

Implying the old one wasn’t?

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Perfect Privacy doesn’t meet the criteria of Privacy Guides, and thus, shouldn’t be recommended. Here are all the stuff that they do that make them not suitable for a recommendation.

  1. Like SkewedZeppelin already noted, they use Google tracker on the site.
  2. They conduct dishonest marketing practices by claiming how their VPN will make the user anonymous and protect against identity theft.
  3. They don’t allow anonymous payment options (cash or Monero).
  4. They are not open-source as far as I can tell. Can aoi tell where they are getting this information?
  5. They don’t provide any information about any audits, which means that they probably haven’t been audited.

fwiw the source was here: GitHub - perfect-privacy/vpn-client: Perfect Privacy VPN Client
didn’t see it linked on the website though

I don’t like how their compile steps show downloading the prebuilts from them instead of upstreams or some local build

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They had more payments before they moved to Germany. They will support more in the Future as i saw on the Forum they will accept cash in the future.

Client Source is here: GitHub - perfect-privacy/vpn-client: Perfect Privacy VPN Client.
I think they are not audited atm and dont know if they will do it in the Future but i think they are a good VPN since The server already got seized and nothing was found.

Also, we require security audits for those apps. I am never filled with confidence when I see commit messages like “updates”.

What do you mean by Google trackers? Bitwarden has Google Analytics on the website. Are we talking about the same thing? Or is there something worse than GA?