AirVPN (VPN Services)

New to this forum so forgive me if I am posting something that has already been suggested. I searched the forum and there were not results for AirVPN.

It seems like AirVPN meets the requirements to be a recommended VPN service. If it does not I would be interested to hear what its lacking.


It doesn’t have any audits. At least, I can’t find any.

Yeah after looking it does appear that way.

From looking at their forums it seems like the reasoning (at least based on user responses) is some mix of

  • all of their clients code is open source, builds are reproducible and verifiable so you don’t need to trust their binaries
  • they published in-depth guide to how their infrastructure works allowing anyone to essentially re-implement their clients
  • it offers tor over airvpn / airvpn over tor as options for those who do not trust airvpn

Do not use that feature. The point of using Tor is that you do not trust your VPN provider. Currently Tor only supports the TCP protocol. UDP (used in WebRTC for voice and video sharing, the new HTTP3/QUIC protocol, etc.), ICMP and other packets will be dropped. To compensate for this, VPN providers typically will route all non-TCP packets through their VPN server (your first hop). This is the case with ProtonVPN. Additionally, when using this Tor over VPN setup, you do not have control over other important Tor features such as Isolated Destination Address (using a different Tor circuit for every domain you visit).

The feature should be viewed as a convenient way to access the Tor Network, not to stay anonymous. For proper anonymity, use the Tor Browser, TorSocks, or a Tor gateway.

Source: How Do VPNs Protect Your Privacy? Our VPN Overview - Privacy Guides

This really just seems like a bunch of excuses to save money or hide something, but that’s just my opinion.

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Yeah I don’t. I was just mentioning the feature as it seemed to be a common reason for there not to be a need for audits. At least from the users on their forum, I could not find any official reasoning.

I definitely think that’s a fair conclusion although I don’t think a lack of audits should be seen as evidence of something nefarious.

Maybe so, but it definitely does mean that it doesn’t meet our criteria for inclusion:


yeah for sure, I appreciate the team sticks to their guidelines.

I never understood how they claim no logs, but then they literally have a gamified scoreboard of usage.
Even worse, they have a ranked list of longest connected users… those users haven’t rebooted their computers for security updates :frowning:


Here is how they explain it:

  • Only online users.
  • Data collected from current sessions in real-time, that we inevitably known. No history is kept, no data-retention is performed.

As to:

Even worse, they have a ranked list of longest connected users… those users haven’t rebooted their computers for security updates

My assumption is that anyone on this list are using a VPN at the network level, on a router, a network appliance, or maybe a seedbox or server of some kind. I know some people are weirdly opposed to updating or restarting their desktop, but I don’t imagine even those people are going 6+ months without ever restarting, shutting down, or logging out.