Help me fixing my Flash drive please!

I have a flash drive that is not working giving me a half transparent drive icon and when i checked disk manger i got “no media” for my removable flash drive, Anyway i tried every possible solution i found on Youtube but nothing work, The only way that everybody is saying it really works is by downloading ChipGenius and after downloading it the Windows prevent it from starting as it is detected as Trojan, So my question is, Is that a false positive and should i take the risk or what to do?

PS. I tried all ChipGenius alternatives and nothing works also.

Iam using Windows 10

It might be worth just getting a new flash drive


This option isn’t available.

Does the drive appear at all in disk management in windows? If it’s not even appearing then it’s basically a lost cause regardless of whatever shovelware gets shilled online. Besides, USB flash drives are effectively a cheap, disposable commodity item unless you’re after the “high end” ones with actual good flash memory in them.


I agree with @exaCORE and @pinkandwhite, it’s very possible that the drive is physically dead and there’s nothing you can do software-wise to fix it. If there’s critical data on there (which you should always have more than one copy of, especially if it’s on a flash drive which are notorious for using cheap, unreliable flash) then your best bet would probably be a data recovery specialist at this point. If you just need a working flash drive, depending on how old your current one is, you may have some luck requesting an RMA from the manufacturer. I succeeded with this after my SanDisk flash drive went read-only after only about a year of use.