FUTO Circles (Photo Sharing)

Photo sharing built on Matrix. Just curious to see if anyone has thoughts.

I saw this in This Week in Matrix a few years ago and it looked interesting. Never tried it though…

I really hate the name…

I seem to recall Louis Rossman being involved in this somehow?

Yes, an organization he founded has received large grants from FUTO and he seems to offer repair workshops in cooperation with FUTO.

And yeah, I chuckle sometimes when I associate FUTO with that less savory thing it sounds like :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This seems interesting. I have a question though, how this works ? Each user has a storage ? If so how much ?

Can I store some photos and use it as a backup for example ?

That’s a very good question… Their website doesn’t show that information at all, and its entries on the App Store and Google Play Store provide different answers:

FWIW, futo.org lists Circles as a project “In Public Beta.”

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It’s basically a Matrix client with extra steps, so you’re subject to any limitations imposed by your home server as if you were using Element or the like.

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It is a matrix client because it uses the matrix protocol. It is just geared around a more social media like experience

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I believe that pricing refers to an account on the FUTO home server. You should be able to use an account on a different home server for free.

I was wondering the same thing, which lead me to the question of revenue and long term trust. They say they do not want to any ads, which is great, but it seems so unclear how they generate revenue. Do you guys find any info on that? Is it only through user payments? I insralled the apl through f-droid and couldn’t find any pricing info there, which seems a bit worrying if that’s the income they rely on.

They don’t plan to be profitable for a long time. From my understanding Louis Rossman is either at or near the helm of the organization and they are currently running on money from Eron Wolf with no plans to monetize in any way other paying for software. Long term I’m not sure how well their plans will work but Eron Wolf is apparently a Billionaire and is throwing money around for this company. For long term trust I’d say wait and see. Personally if Louis leaves I’d lose trust in them without good reasoning being given to the contrary but for now they’re probably ok.

Not seeing much use in this personally.

I occasionally share some stories on signal to close friends. For long term i have pictures in ente.