The Immich core team goes full-time

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Dang, everyone is getting that FUTO money lately it seems like :eyes:


I’m trying to keep an open mind / trying not to rush to conclusions as I don’t know a lot about FUTO apart from what I read today, and what I vaguely remember from the Grayjay app announcement a while back. But I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the vagueness of Futo’s business model (generally speaking), and what they expect in return when they fund a project like Immich and how much control/power they receive in exchange for funding.

If they aren’t a non-profit making no strings attached donations (they aren’t) and they are not a venture capital firm (they say they are not). What exactly are they? I’d like to understand their incentives, constraints, and structure, beyond the flowery philosophical statements they make, which I are values are share, but not a business model nor anything concrete and defined.

What I am happy about and hopeful for regardless of the above is that Immich’s developers will be fairly compensated for their hard work. On paper the things Futo says they stand for are good things. And that Immich development could possibly be more sustainable over the long term with this partnership.

There will be a Q&A livestream happening next week, and there is an ongoing reddit thread started by Immich’s creator here

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It does definitely seem like a Signal situation, where things just exist because I guess a billionaire wants it to, and you just have to trust that they’ll be cool forever?

I feel like if I were a billionaire I’d want to do something like FUTO, except fully FOSS and self-hostable in all aspects… Of course this is perhaps why I’m not a billionaire, I don’t have that billionaire mindset :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What I will point out though is that many FUTO projects do receive no-strings-attached grants (at least to my understanding). Some projects like Grayjay and Circles and now Immich seem to have different agreements than that, but FUTO is also funding legit fully FOSS projects as well.


From my understanding Grayjay, Circles, the Futo Keyboard etc. are all Futo projects that they develop and own, The situation with Immich I’m not too clear on though. From my personal view I’d say as long as Louis Rossman is still heavily involved I’ll give them some trust, if he ever leaves they’ll have to work hard to maintain that level of trust since he’s usually pretty outspoken on things.

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Yeah, all the FUTO “Projects” are theirs, the legendary grant recipients are not.

It sounds to me like Immich will become a FUTO Project, same as Circles, et al.

I agree, Rossman lends them a lot of credibility. I can’t think of a single instance where he’s been dishonest or untrustworthy. Still best to look at other factors instead of just deferring to authority of course, but it certainly helps FUTO’s case.


Now I want a billionaire to built cool things like this with me too😂

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Clearly I need to find a billionaire that likes Privacy Guides :innocent:


I mean I haven’t checked the legal future thread in a while but you could try for a FUTO grant depending on how the plan is looking for the legal future.