Looking for a matrix homeserver

I’m looking for a Matrix homeserver.


  • No email requirement.

  • Good privacy policy.

  • Stable.

  • Not matrix.org, too many people are on there already, which makes it more centralized then it should be.

  • Up-to-date

Any recommendations?

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There’s https://arcticfoxes.net/ which Tommy (who used to be at PG) runs.


Will try it out, thanks.

Arcticfoxes is pretty good.

I’m on unredacted.org which was free at the timebut currently they ask for a $5 donation (Monero/crypto accepted) to get an account. Their ToS is basically just “don’t post anything illegal”. They also run an XMPP server, Shadowsocks bridges, Tor exit nodes and a Monero node.

tchncs.de is good option. Also, thier ToS is basically - just be nice

They ask for an email address.

Should be optional, for password recovery only

It isn’t optional according to: https://servers.joinmatrix.org/