Photoprism (Photo Management)

I want to consider a new photo management category, so I’m going to post some tools in that category which are worth looking into.

I have looked into this too. The biggest and most important downside right now is that it has no multiuser support. You can only have one account in a self hosted server. As a family person, I cannot endorse this to the rest of the members. The AI facial recognition feels gimicky as well, and the UI while looking good, feels like it could improve a lot. But other than the above cons, it seems like an ok solution to host photos during the short time I’ve tried it.

I also have not tried the mobile app client for this, just the web app for the desktop.

I plan to stop using Nextcloud because it feels too clunky and probably needs a clean rewrite from the bottom up.

I was having a look at this today, if we did add it we’d need to adjust the criteria to be for E2EE or self-hostable apps.

While E2EE is a nice feature, it may not be necessary if you’re self hosting this.


Firstly, the problem with self hosting is that most people do not know how to do it securely. Let me remind you all of how lastpass got pwned. I generally don’t think that is recommendedable to general public.

Secondly, providers and holders of root CAs can inspect the network, besides many people unknowingly using comapany networks with inspection layers (MITM).

Thirdly, another problem is the vague term of self hosting. It doesn’t imply own hardware/infrastructure. Maybe will perhaps just run this on some cloud/vps provider.

Self hostable doesn’t remove the need for e2ee imho but probably shouldn’t be recommended at all.

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I agree, but I think that there are other examples of things PG recommends that are not advisable for the general public for similar reasons (difficulty of doing right/securely). E.g. Arch, or self hosting email.

I think this is fine so long as there are clear/strong disclaimers and alternatives on the list that are not solely self hosted.

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I think if we put it at the bottom, and have sufficient warnings there about that, that’s okay.


Simply use a mesh VPN like Tailscale to connect your devices. No need to open ports. Makes security a lot easier for self-hosting from home.

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