Free VPS to host one docker app? (Mollysocket)

I am using Signal on GrapheneOS (without Play Services). Unfortunately it uses a lot of battery. There is however a work of it that uses UnifiedPush (FOSS alternative to Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging which is part of Play Services) called Molly-UP: GitHub - mollyim/mollyim-android-unifiedpush: Molly with UnifiedPush support.

The caveat is that you need a program called Mollysocket running on a computer at all times: GitHub - mollyim/mollysocket: MollySocket allows getting Signal notifications via UnifiedPush.

This can be installed via Docker, for example. I would assume this uses very little CPU, RAM and storage. Is anyone aware of a free VPS where you can host Mollysocket? I know there is no free lunch, but there are free webhosters like Github Pages and Neocities, so perhaps there is a free VPS / docker hoster somewhere?

I just don’t feel like paying a monthly fee “just” for more battery-saving Signal notifications. As long as I don’t have any other hosting needs, that is.

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That looks good. I only have a debit card, hopefully they accept that (not sure if they mean credit card = literally a credit card, or credit card = Visa/Mastercard)

Someone in the Molly matrix room posted this, might be of use to you:


Perfect, just what I needed!