Some dumb questions from newbie


I am newbie, so don’t judge my questions XD

I want to link my two devices to one Signal account. Some were I read that linking can be done only for 30 days. Is it true? If yes, what will be happen after?

How backups done? Additional question: Is there any way to create a backup that can be transferred to another device?

I run Signal on Lineage OS (NO google services) n. Will I be able to use app fine? For example on Viber there is no notifications in such situation

Can I use Molly to add additional android devices to same account? Won’t I be suspended for this? Somewhere I read that Signal devs don’t want forked versions to connect to your servers…

What will you recommend to install to harden privacy?

Is there any good virtualisation apps for android (not pc)?

What will you recommend: VPN or Orbot?

Thank you!

Most of these are very suspicious and I would strongly avoid them.

Likely a VPN for most people, because anybody can run a Tor exit node, see: Tor Overview: Tor is not a free VPN

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Please try to ask only one question per post in the Questions category. When you ask a ton of questions like this, it gives the impression that you haven’t done any research yourself beforehand, and are just dumping that responsibility on the community.

I would recommend reading through and then returning if you need additional clarification :slight_smile: