Free proton alternative?

there is a free alternative to proton?

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For email or?

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Proton has a free plan.


A very useable free plan, too. If you don’t write thousands of mails and send large stuff regularly it will be fine for most private use.


Would be good to pay for at least 1 month to activate the domain and to remove the inactive account timer.


Tutanota probably the next best free?


No IMAP and PGP. Maybe something else?

Free? I think google, outlook, yahoo, aol still offer imap and are free. You can roll your own pgp workflow with these main stream providers. has imap, but you’ll need to cough up 1 USD. The $1 plan now features a conference call ability too.


What do you mean? Also what if I don’t have banking cards for privacy reasons? How to do that?

Why do you need this?

They are not “free”. Users pay with own privacy and (obviously) sensitive data.

I was being facetious.

In any case, you can mail proton cash. I understand the threat model of wanting to avoid a bank from being aware you are using proton services.

I still think it’s important to remove the inactivity timer* through a one time payment and would find a way to do so.

For example, if you are incarcerated you will not have access to proton during your stay. It may be* unfortunate if your account was deleted as a result.

My understanding is a free proton plan does not have its account deleted after 1 year if it was ever on a paid plan in the past.

*Edit - I’m realizing this is a personal decision. There could be an advantage to your account auto-deleting after 6mo(Tuta) or 1yr(PM). If that is appealing then a free plan may be advantageous.

What is missing for you from Proton’s free plan? That might help make better suggestions.


Thats whats written in their FAQ:

If you are or have been a paid Proton subscriber at any point in time, your account will permanently be considered active. Anyone that has ever paid for a Proton plan is exempt from this policy.

Source: inactive accounts page.


To OP, I dont think what you want exist right now. Maybe consider self hosting? But you will still need to buy a domain I think?

Personally, the only thing I’m missing in Proton’s free version would be unlimited folders and being able to access my emails without a connection.

Aside from that, I think they are golden. Would easily upgrade to a paid tier if they added an offline mode.

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on mobile (I mean Android app; dont know about iOS) you have a switch to work offline. At least if you are on Unlimited plan/tier.

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Huh… where did you find this exactly? I’ve looked in the settings and can’t see it.

@Ganther are you paying customer?

Not yet no, I was under the impression that I would be able to find the switch regardless though.

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Hi there, over at Tuta we offer a range of subscriptions both free and paid.

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Just be wary that @Tuta_Official does deactivate your account and you lose access to your data if you don’t use it for a while: Tutanota deleted my account