Free/privacy language translator, PDF printer and remote desktop program


I discovered this page one month ago and I am delighted :grinning: In big way a degoogled my devices, not completely but big difference from the past times.

I didn’t find it on your page but I need recommendation for:

  1. language translator - something like google translate
  2. PDF printer - default Windows printer is good but it has Microsoft in name so I would like some other program
  3. Remote desktop program that respect privacy. Used AnyDesk for a last couple of years but with latest security breach I would like something with better privacy


For a remote desktop program, I recommend RustDesk, it’s all open-source and privacy-respecting. Furthermore, it’s well-maintained and about 60k stars on GitHub, so it’s not a program who’s just there and will just shut down in 6 months.

For a PDF printer, I will just say : use the defaults. I have an EPSON printer and I didn’t use their tools, I will instead use Windows default printer app.

For a language translator, it depends on what you value the most : Translation accuracy or privacy and security

For accuracy :

It has little better privacy but not the best though.

For privacy and security :

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If you are on linux CUPS works.


Rust Desk looks good :smile:

Are you talking about physical printer or PDF software printer (Microsoft to PDF)? Every PDF printer I used before has now become bloatware or not so privacy friendly (PDF creator, Bullzip).

Libre translate looks good at first but why are they having google tag manager on their page?


only Windows for now

I am not sure what do you mean for “PDF printer”. Are you talking about things like Microsoft to PDF or tools meant to convert .doc(x) files and other document files to PDF, right?

For the LibreTranslate issue, it shouldn’t be a big deal. It is open-source, self-hostable and privacy-respecting. Also, this issue has been asked before here :

The dev actually says that it’s disabled by default.

If you are still not happy with that, you could try things like Lingva Translate, a frontend to Google Translate :

Or SimplyTranslate, which is also yet another frontend for Google Translate, though it has ICIBA and Reverso as other translation sources if you want to use them.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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If it is disabled by default then why does Ad-blocker pick it up?

Yes, default is Microsoft for PDF, I am looking alternative for that…

Then, use the default, all other 3rd-party are just worse, worse, and worse than Microsoft to PDF. As far as I know, there is zero FOSS alt to it.

Well, actually I don’t know as well… You can use the other services I mentioned though, like Lingva or SimplyTranslate.

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For RustDesk do I need to install RustDesk certificate? What does it do?

Are you speaking about “RustDesk display adapters” ?

No? During installation I get default on check mark to install RustDesk certificate.

I would say you would be safe whether you install it or not.