Image to text


Does anyone know of a privacy respecting image to text app for Android?


Perhaps CLIP on a local server? Disclaimer: never used it myself, so your milage may vary.

Edit: maybe openclip instead? I donโ€™t understand machine learning stuff, so i have no idea of the differences and whatnot.

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Thanks, but Iโ€™m not techy enough for that :pray::pray:

They way AI is going right now, it seems the corporations want a recurring subscription model and to avoid being dated, the system is fed and trained continously by crawling and scraping through online knowledge repositories such as wikipedia, reddit and stackoverflow. The data is then processed with powerful GPUs in data centers and that takes real money to run.

You can scale it down and choose an open source model, you can even download and use Facebookโ€™s model for as long you dont use it to compete with them. Even if it is from a โ€œbad placeโ€, you can still self host it. No way you can reasonably run such things directly from your phone, disconnected from the web.

The only way to run image to text AI and keep your privacy, is to pay it with your time.


Makes a lot of sense. Oh well.

Thank you explaining it to me though :heart::pray::pray:

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Wait are they asking for optical character recognition or an AI to describe images?

If its OCR, `there arent many great options on fdroid official but there are some on izzy repo

EDIT: I was thinking about document scanning, not OCR, ignore previous paragraph

This doesnโ€™t really work well, but thanks anyway! :pray::pray:

I want to be able to copy the text in an image

I dont know what the situation is re:OCR on android, but on Linux to get (typed not handwritten) text from image you can use Tesseract, but only after processing it with something like scantailoradvanced (if the image isnt from a scanning machine).

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Oh I thought you wanted image recognition of sorts. Like in that recent Google Gemini with the blue duck demo.