Delete Safari and change mobile browser criteria


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Delete Safari in mobile browser recommendation and change mobile browser criteria to include MUST be open source

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I donot understand why mobile browser criteria doesnot contain
Must be open-source software.
As desktop browser criteria. Is it specially made for iOS? I don’t think we should change browser criteria for a closed OS because it does not allow other browser engine. I suggest we delete Safari guide.

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Mobile browser

This topic has been addressed on multiple occasions [1, 2, 3].

To summarize: All iOS browsers currently employ Apple’s WebKit engine, which is actually open source. Utilizing any browser other than Safari introduces an additional entity to be trusted within the system. The advantages of using an alternative browser to Safari on iOS are minimal, if not potentially detrimental [4]. This is particularly true when Safari is fortified and used in conjunction with a content blocker like AdGuard [5].

Given that there are no alternative browser engines available for iOS other than Apple’s WebKit, it is largely impractical to replace Safari at the moment.


This is unfair because you don’t recommend Edge on PC and Chrome on Android and safari on macOS. The criteria for both desktop browser and mobile browser should add native browser ALLOWED because they are all open source according to your explanation. Installing this party browsers on these platforms also add attack surface, especially when there’s no third party webview available.

I decide to stop contributing to my existing PR from now on

Firstly, it is important to note that I am merely a forum member and do not represent the authors or staff members of PG. The perspectives I share are solely my own and reflect the conclusions of previous discussions within this forum.

Secondly, it is noteworthy that, unlike iOS, both Windows and Android platforms support multiple browser engines. This distinction is also highlighted in the recommendations for desktop and mobile browsers provided by PG [1, 2]. Consequently, PG officially recommends open-source browsers such as Mullvad and Firefox for desktop, or Mull and Brave for Android environments. It is anticipated that this section will be updated upon the introduction of the first iOS browser utilizing a non-WebKit engine.

Nonetheless, it is important to emphasize that the selection of a mobile browser should ultimately align with your individual personal trust and preferences, regardless of external recommendations. The absence of an application from PG’s recommendation list does not inherently indicate deficiencies in privacy or security. Instead, it signifies only, that based on the criteria established by PG, the listed applications are deemed the most optimal choices. Your personal criteria may deviate.