Combo questions

Hello all

I am in the middle of choosing my next subscription. Currently I have Proton Unlimited, until mid July, Windscribe for one year and ControlD with one year of time left. I am also using SimpleLogin with many aliases. For my Windows, I am using ControlD or NextDNS DoH, with YogaDNS and VPN.

Now the question is. Which path shall I take?
Continue with Proton Unlimited, buy generate extra aliases up to 15 limit for sites which require emails to be normal, like 9gag, DNS services, FB, Twitter, Amazon and other sites. Buy a random domain via njala or some other privacy friendly hoster, add it to SimpleLogin and forward mails to a Proton alias. As DNS use NextDNS with YogaDNS on Windows devices.

Second option.
Get Tutanota. Follow same path up to 15 aliases for the sites mentioned before. Use SimpleLogin and forward mails to Tutanota alias. As DNS use ControlD with YogaDNS on Windows devices. As VPN use Windscribe on every device.

Which one looks better? If you have better advice I am eager to listen.

I won’t use VPN’s DNS because it lacks control and management. I need to use blocklists, and able to block sites / apps. I can do that via NextDNS or ControlD’s DoH/DoT/DoQ setting.

With that setup you’re trusting so many parties, maybe it would be preferable to keep it simple and like stick to proton for mail and VPN and simplelogin and keep ypur DNS in order to minimize the number of entities to trust.