Proton Unlimited, worth it for Simplelogin?

I’ve been using ProtonMail, ProtonCalendar and Simplelogin on the free plan in the past 3 years. They’re great! As for a VPN, I use Mullvad and love it.

Recently, I bought a domain and want to bring it to Simplelogin, and also reached the limit on free aliases.

Simplelogin is 4$/month, Mullvad is 5$/month.

Proton unlimited would provide paid access to email, calendar, drive, simplelogin, Proton Pass and Proton VPN for 7.99$

There are “gotchas” however:

  • Proton unlimited is only 7.99$ if you agree to pay 2 years in advance.

  • Proton VPN client for Linux SUCKS. Really mean it! In the past, I had their client crash and the tunnel dropped, leaking traffic with no warning. Not to mention not supporting Wireguard…

Would it be better to pay for simplelogin separately, even though it’d be slightly more expensive overall?

I’m okay with Free ProtonMail and ProtonCalendar btw, just want Simplelogin

I should be noted that Proton just released a rewritten, very bare-bones VPN client for Linux. It’s still ugly and lacking in features (including Wireguard), but it has been much faster and more stable for me. They usually have sales on black friday, so if you do decide to switch you may want to wait a little while.

Well, if you’re okay with paying 2 years in advance for Proton, you could pay 1 year in advance for SimpleLogin and reduce that $4/month price to $2.50/month ($30/year). Then Mullvad+SimpleLogin for $90/year will be cheaper than Proton Unlimited for $96/year.


I did not know Simplelogin also had a discount on the annual plan, thank you! That’ll probably be my solution!

I was also using Mullvad, but changed to Proton suite for benefitting all products. As as you say, two year plans make a big discount, especially if you subscribe on Black Friday. One game changer is proton pass eliminating the need for integration with SL with other apps. Getting and managing aliases with Bitwarden is a bit a hassle.

For VPN, maybe, you can download config files, and use openvpn and wire guard apps for VPN. I don’t have experience about its performance.