Too Many DNS Option, What To Choose?

I was searching for a good DNS and i found many options available like:

  1. Quad9
  2. NextDNS
  3. Control D From the founders of Windscribe This is the Vpn iam using btw
  4. WeDNS from WeVpn company

So what to choose from all of them?

My threat model in this part is that i want:

  • DNS with no filters or basic anti malware/anti tracking as i really don’t know if this dns will block something they don’t like.
    *DNS with IPv6 if available.
    *And the most important is DNS with no profiling or logs at any cost.

Thanks and iam waiting for your help.

The website has a list of active recommendations. Just pick one from there.

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I prefer nextDNS because it is very configurable.

nextDNS allows you to set the log to 1 day which enables you to find something that gets blocked erroneously. You can also turn off logging completely.

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