Black Friday / Cyber Monday purchases

Now that black friday and cyber monday have technically passed (even though deals are still on going) I would be interested in seeing what sort of privacy tools people decided to support with their wallet this year.

Personally I went with

proton drive+ - I posted about it previously but, basically my google drive space ran out + the issues google had with drive stuff disappearing on folks pushed me to grab 200GB from proton.

I do wish proton would let me do mail+ and drive+ without having to bundle in calendar and vpn. Seems silly to force people to pay 8.69/month for unlimited when anyone can create a separate account for mail+ and drive+ and only pay 5.82/month

airvpn - re-upped for another 6 months so that I can decided if I want to switch to proton next year around this time.

I know its not a recommended VPN because of its lack of audits but, for me, its track record over years and its port forwarding implementation makes it trustworthy enough and the best for my needs.

I took advantage of Yubico’s Black Friday deal and bought two keys from the Yubikey 5 Series.

The Yubikey subreddit was not enthused about this year’s deal. Yet, from searching through past posts, this year’s deal was better than those during 2020 and 2021, as well as the current Education Offer.

I am quite sad that I missed this exceptionally good deal last year.

Not really a fan of black friday as a concept but last year I got Proton Visionary which is quite nice. I got some friends and family iny subscription who enjoy 1tb of storage on my cost :laughing:.

Same with Ente this year. I got 100gb addon which i probably won’t need any time soon unless I also migrate my video’s to it from proton. But so far that’s doesn’t seem to economical and proton drive loads the video’s faster.

the anti-hyper-capitalist side of me doesn’t like the concept of Black Friday. But the cheap-ass side of me, holds off on big purchases or yearly subscriptions until November…