Black Friday 2023

Please submit the best privacy deals

Contributed by others (credits to the comments in the thread below):


The best deal you get is by not giving companies your credit card info, obviously


You can save 20% on all Strongbox Pro memberships from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday

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Simplelogin $20 for the first year instead of $30.


That’s why I use disposable visa cards for one - time usage.

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I sort of wish you guys would give away phones as well :sweat_smile:

Do you have a link to the strongbox sale?

Best Buy has unlocked Pixel 8s for $610 and Pixel 8 pros for $860.

With 7 years of updates, that’s $87/$123 a year to have a phone with GrapheneOS.

Wasn’t Strongbox lifetime $20 ish? It’s $90 now?

1Password has 50% off the regular or family package 1-year plans for new customers. %50 off

notesnook %65 off upgrade

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Languagetool also has a discount.


also Tresorit is 50% off

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I am really surprised to see Windscribe on StackSocial. 70 dollars per 3 years. Less than 2 dollars per month.

Windscribe is also offering their own 3-year deal which is also slightly cheaper at 69 dollars. But they also offer the yearly Pro plan at 29 dollars, which also continues yearly with this discounted price.

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Windscribe isn’t a listed recommendation

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No, but still maybe something that people might be interested considering that Windscribe is probably going to be listed after they are done with their audit.