Best Places for Electronic Device Recommendations

I know this is off topic, however, since most of you are interested or proficient in computer science, I am curious to know what are the best places (e.g., websites, forums, other discussion boards [if this is the correct term]) to find purchase advice for electronic devices, in your opinon?

Say for example I need to by a phone or computer with the objectively highest dollar per value or cost effectiveness (I know this is an extremely hard metric to measure, due to the complexity and difference between e-devices), where could I go to see people’s opinions on this?

This was sparked by a similar discussion on software: Discussion about underrated Open source applications Vol.1 - #5 by VeniVidiGiggli. I think such discussions are extremely important although they are not related to privacy.

For cameras and phones seems to be alright, they could definitely be paid off though.

Also, a subset of my main question is, are Google Pixels the best phones? They seem to be for their cost effectiveness in terms of their camera and screen. If this is true which model is the best value for money?