Auditing My Firefox Extension Suite

Hello all. A couple years ago I started to lean more into trying to emphasize my privacy online, at least in small (and possibly meaningless, ultimately) ways and chucked a bunch of extensions into Firefox to aid in that. Obviously this also creates a more unique fingerprint so I’m now trying to take a step back and make sure I’m not doubling up on things and carrying unnecessary fingerprinting risks. My privacy focused extensions are ClearURLs, Cookie AutoDelete, DDG Privacy Essentials, Facebook Container/Firefox Multi-Account Containers, Privacy Badger, Terms of Service; Didn’t Read and uBlock Origin (I also have a pihole running on my network). Firefox has all settings adjusted to the Privacy Guides suggestions as well. Is there anything I can eliminate in terms of using two tools for one job? Any recommendations for things I might be missing?

no, no, no, no, no, no, yes

read this: 4.1 Extensions · arkenfox/user.js Wiki · GitHub


Firefox multi-account container should be a yes. Esp if your workflow revolves around it, even your link puts it in optional

You have to be careful with extensions! There are many instances of extensions being sold at a premium, only so the new owner could exploit the existing userbase and any pre-granted permissions to collect data for sale. After all, many extensions can read the full content and history of sites you visit.

Best to reduce the number of extensions you run overall to what you simply can’t live without, for me that’s uBlock

No it does not.

These containers are build in you do not need the extension to use them. Besides most of these mitigations have been moved into the isolation feauters part of the strict mode.