Browser extensions still useful?


On Firefox and other browsers, I’d like to know if extensions like Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger or Decentraleyes are still useful.

Firefox’s strict mode does what most extensions do, such as blocking ads, blocking social network trackers and blocking cross-site cookies.
This is what Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger “do”.

In your opinion, is there still a need for this kind of browser extension?
Not using them would make the browser less unique on the Internet too.

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Ublock Origin


Privacy Badger

this is redundant to ublock origin


Localcdn is a better option, maintained and supports a lot more frameworks. If you use a vpn, don’t use it as it’d be fingerprintable, and doesn’t really matter whether third parties get your ip. If you don’t use a vpn, use it.

For me, it’s not so much a question of need as of safety.
Extensions are handy (some of them), but they’re a disaster when it comes to security and privacy.
They have enormous privileges over the browser, and I don’t understand why this isn’t more of a debate than it is.
When a mail provider collects something too much, it’s a scandal, but nobody says anything about extensions that literally get every possible access.
I don’t use any extensions, and i’m fine. If you’re comfortable with your current firefox configuration, you should stay that way.


Recommended Extensions
Excerpt from the link:
We recommend keeping extensions to a minimum: they have [privileged access] within your browser, require you to trust the developer, can make you [stand out] , and [weaken] site isolation.