Are text expanders like considered safe and private?

Text expanders are super useful to accelerate your typing. You can edit markdown super fast in Obsidian/Logseq, and build queries super fast, for example, or use it a form autofill of sorts.

At the end of the day, though, text expanders are key loggers, always listening in for the key string that would activate an action. How does the community feel about FOSS text expanders? What’s the downside? I’m looking at Espanso in particular.

I’m willing to trust Espanso cause it’s FOSS. I use it at work, haven’t gotten around to implementing it on my personal machines but I would. For peace of mind, you could block espanso with your PC’s firewall if you’re that concerned. I trust it though. Not sure about other programs that might be out there, but you’re right to be wary.

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