Are privacy-friendly NFC bank payments possible?

My bank supports wireless payment with Google Pay on my phone, but also wireless payments with smartwatches with Garmin Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit.

With all these options, I think my privacy is not guaranteed to a certain degree because these tech companies get to have a peak in my financial data one way or another.

The questions are:

  • Is it at all possible to do wireless payments without having my data going through tech companies?
  • Is there anyway to do wireless payments on a phone or smartwatch that’s privacy-friendly

This should be a separate project.

Contributions from each country / jurisdiction have to added and scrutinises by their residents.

With Google Pay, there is no way to use the service privately.

With Apple Pay, Apple will know what cards/banks you set it up with, but will not have information about your transactions. It’s the only mainstream option which works offline as well.

Some banks (usually ones in the EU) support NFC payments in their own Android app instead of Google Pay, which is probably the ideal way, but that is quite rare.