Contactless Payment on Graphene?

Hey there, is there any trusted open source software that I can use in contactless payments in stores for example? A bit like a google pay substitute? I don’t really want to make a whole separate file just to link card up to google for occasional payments.

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I guess it depends on where you live. My bank offers their own solution for contactless pay on android, like many banks in the EU.

It may be better to ask your question over at though.

This probably still falls short of “trusted open source software” (unless your banks are a hell of a lot more enlightened and privacy minded than ours in North America).

I trust my bank to hold my money. But that trust doesn’t extend to trusting them to be privacy-aware, privacy-respecting (beyond what is required by law), or to be technically sophisticated enough to care about using FOSS software.


They provide virtual credit cards.
Haven’t used the service.

The problem is trying to make use of such functionality in grapheneOS. Contact-less paiements.
Not just “making a new CB”.

OP doesn’t want a google account, therefore alternatives need to be explored.