Are here people that using dating apps?

how do you protect your privacy on these kind of apps?

The whole purpose of a dating app is to give the service and other people very personal information about you to hopefully find a match - it is basically the opposite of staying private.


Not necessarily the opposite of privacy, it is very rare to use services offering 100% privacy.

The world of privacy is like the spectrum of light: there are many nuances, depending on where you are on the spectrum, you choose to disclose more or less information, because privacy is precisely about having control over the data you choose to share or not.

In the case of dating apps, it’s far from enviable in terms of privacy, but that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely incompatible. It all depends on the information you choose to give or not, starting with your photo (you can choose to hide certain elements, like a tattoo, or take profile photos, so as not to show your whole face), the information about yourself that you give in your description (choose to say what kind of job you have, what kind of studies you’re doing, or whatever…) as well as information about your social networks, if any…

Don’t forget this thing: unless you’re lucky enough to live with a social and family circle that shares 100% your interest in privacy, you’re going to have to compromise. This doesn’t mean you’ll give up your privacy, because you’ll always have more control on your data than the vast majority.


I was from the before times, and datings sites were already a thing that existed.

I’d still advise for more organic meetups.

Dating apps are like some free-to-play games, they’re pay-to-win. And with that kind of model, the cynical take is that they’ll never pair you with a perfect match, they’ll pair you with match that looks right and compatible but ultimately fails so that you keep going back and paying for that service.

Try a local speed dating scene. Meet lots of people in the flesh with less filters (unless you count makeups as a sort of filter).


just join any offline hobby group.

Though personally Insta has worked very well as a dating app better than anything else.

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It’s okay to thoughtfully sacrifice some privacy for things that are important to you.

Someone who met their wife on a dating app.


This works if you’re living in a city or some other place with a local dating scene. Many suburbs and rural areas in the US are barely alive socially.

The flip side is, do you really need a dating app if the realistic choice is just your neighbor? Unless you are looking for a long distance relationship.

It can be helpful for members of overlapping demographic to connect with each other. This helps when your demographic is not represented well in your area. Obviously, demographic isn’t everything, but it helps to share common life experiences with someone you date