Anyone know how to remove a "like" from a comment?

I figured just tapping on the heart under a comment would remove it but it doesn’t.


Are you sure it doesn’t work for you?


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After refreshing the page the like is still there. Tried it a dozen times.

That’s weird, are you using any kind of Adblocker?

I do. Turning off Brave shield doesn’t help. I hit the heart, it does turn grey, but it’s back to red when I refresh the page.

Works on Mobile for me, too.

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Maybe it’s a browser ‏issue, use a different browser and try again.

Works for me.

Brave on iOS.

I find that if the heart has been liked for a long time (i dont know the exact duration), it gets in a sort of locked status and you cant unlike it anymore. Maybe ask a moderator?


That seems likely. Thanks.