Anybody using Tor Browser as a daily driver here?

I have been using Tor Browse as my primary browser for no login activites since 2020. I’m very impressed with speed improvements since I started and how the project has evolved.
While browsing with tor expect to

  • Solve Captchas
  • Websites to block tor
  • Moderately okay speed

I recommend to keep security slider to safer for optimal browsing experience. What are your expriences? Please share your experiences.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the forum.

Tor Browser is a great tool and I generally encourage its use where it makes sense.

What I do want to stress, though, is that there are cases where you shouldn’t be using it either. It’s not a silver bullet.

You obviously don’t want to be using Tor Browser when you’re going to be logging into a website that can uniquely identify you, for example. At that point, not only do you lose the benefits of relative anonymity that Tor Browser provides, but you’re also using a browser that is not as secure as other (chromium-based) alternatives. In many ways, it’s a lose-lose there.

Tor’s speed has definitely increased over the years, however it has been quite slow as of late due to constant attacks on the network.

Overall - and I can’t say this enough - it’s important for people to understand that Tor Browser is a tool. It is up to us to use it correctly and in a way that makes sense for our threat model. it is not a silver bullet.


Just wanted say that Tor Browse is not that slow. I have been using for past 2 years for activities that requires no accounts. My digital footprint is very low, thanks to tor browser my browsing habits have improved significantly. I’m aware of DDoS situation, planning to host a relay soon, but not technical enough for now.


If you’re going this route, you can use Mullvad on top ofTor to remove Tor blocks. Just make sure that you’re not leaving a trail when purchasing it.

Luckily they have Monero as a payment option, but there are various other ways you can buy a plan without leaving a noticeable trail.

If it’s online, keep your purchase within the network and don’t use credit/debit. If it’s in the meatworld, use cash and change your appearance and other identifiable factors. Never use the VPN outside of/without Tor, either. I’m sure that’s a given.

I suggest really researching how to do this properly without forums and with updated information from a trustworthy authority figure if you’re going this route. The mistakes can be deadly. You should also research the downsides of this, because there are definitely downsides.

Also, keep in mind that this method should only be used to specifically access services that blocks Tor. If you want to remain as anonymous as possible but also use those services, like creating a Proton account for example, then this will be useful.

I stress that this stuff should only really be used depending on your threat model. Don’t just use Tor, or this method, simply because it’s something you can do. Doing these things should be done because it’s something you have to do to mitigate a certain attack or prevent a threat specific to your threat model, etc. Don’t focus on the top of the pyramid if your only concern is the middle or bottom.