Making private browsing faster and more convenient

Can Tor browsing be made more convenient (although with less privacy), by making it 1) faster, and 2) with as little Captchas as possible?

I know that configuring Tor makes you stand out, but in my threat model, it’s ok if two websites can figure out that the same person visited their site (without tying it to my real identity).

I guess after browsers like Mullvad came out, this is the kind of security level I’m looking for, but of course it has its compromises compared to Tor.

That’s part of threat modeling, deciding what inconveniences you’re willing to deal with in order to achieve what you want. With Tor, it’s always going to be slower than not using it, and CAPTCHAS are just part of the experience.

It sounds like with your threat model, you don’t need Tor. I don’t even think you need a VPN. That would minimize the amount of CAPTCHAS you encounter in the wild and be the fastest way to browse.