Android - Unexpected Keyboard

As you all may know most of the well known Android virtual keyboards have not been updated for a very while. I know there are some forks out there but well; I found another that works great. I still miss some features, but the development is pretty active and I like how it works.

Unexpected Keyboard

I like unexpected keyboard, but it may not be what everyone is looking for considering it’s made more for technical input that doesn’t require things like auto correct or word suggestions but instead speed and convenience of putting in special characters

Not sure how I feel about including this one, I’ll wait to see what others say :person_shrugging:

Yes, that is what I miss, autocorrect. I usually write in 3 languages, I NEED autocorrect :smiley:
But, at least the development is active so I hope they include this soon.

That is a fair point

Honestly, I’m waiting to see how that one OpenBoard fork does out in the open.

Yes, me too, but I like the Unexpected Keyboard approach, i can write really fast with it…