What keyboard are you using on android?

I am using Florisboard which is not up-to-date as the last update was on 17/6/2023 but the beta version is getting updates, Anyway I am searching for an alternative with some features like words prediction and supporting languages like arabic and ofcourse supporting emojies, The miserable thing is this keyboard iam using is consuming 1.5 GB of the storage and lacks spell check and words prediction!, Any good foss offline alternative?

Great but how do you trust him?

Gboard and disable network access.

It’s open source and doesn’t require any permissions to function.

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Not thrilled about it, but I use Samsung’s keyboard with network access disabled. It has the best UI/UX of any keyboard I’ve tried, so I can’t justify switching to anything else with such a big drop in usability for me.

I tried Helium314’s fork but the swipe typing didn’t work.
Been using another openboard fork from Erkserkserks. Hasn’t been updated in a while but does have the swipe.

I would still not trust Gboard , as on a normal android i feel that all google apps could still feed “analytics” data to the play services via some intent. So i would be very cautious about this decision and won’t like to be in a false sense of privacy of your data.

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Yeah, this keyboard (openboard by Helium314) is quite good and very actively developed. Can only recommend.

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Hopefully not. I’m using GrapheneOS, so there is a bit of trust bias most likely.

I’ll look into others suggested in this thread.

I use Gboard. Tried the popular privavy-respecting alternatives, but nothing comes close, if you do a lot of multi-language communication and you need to switch a lot between them. Also the auto-correction of the alternatives was terrible and most needed to manually switch between languages which is a big no in my case. Gboard is reasonably private if you adjust settings, so I don’t see a compelling reason to use a inferior solution.

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I also used to use FlorisBoard but it was not up to date much and I didn’t want to many apps. I just use Samsung Keyboard which obviously isn’t private but I disable internet access using split tunneling. I might downlaod another one because I miss the feature FlorisBoard had to clear clipboard history

I switched back to AOSP keyboard on GrapheneOS. I had issues with the keyboard often crashing on GOS 14 but those seems to have been solved. Used OpenBoard fork in the meantime.

Beside Florisboard, Iam using Samsung board too and they have some cool features including clearing Clipboard, But i think i will check Openboard’s fork as it looks promising.

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