AdGuard Cloud DNS


is there a reason why you do not recommend AdGuard DNS (Private and paid one)? The service itself is quite similar to what NextDNS and Control D is offering.

Any reason why AdGuard is not on the list?

Because it is paid ?

But the same as the others… Talking about the paid ones section. NextDNS and ControlD also cost money?!

Well, I did a trial with them and I have no idea what they are doing. A managed DNS supposed to use their own DNS servers, right? Nope. They are using Cloudflare and Google DNS.

With Adguard

With Control D

Their response


Thanks for the detailed information.

Can you give us the links within the AdGuard Feedback Mail? Would like to read them.

Still very confusing. NextDNS is also clean and doesn’t have this issue.



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I’m also thinking about which is the best to choose.

On my list:

  • AdGuard DNS
  • ControlD
  • NextDNS

Looks like AdGuard DNS is a bit of a favorite. But don’t know if I should trust it at all. Yes, they’re EU now (Cyprus Office). But all the people behind are mostly still in Moscow.
Maybe better going with NextDNS (no EU company) or ControlD (Windscribe company from CAN).

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In my opinion i have tried all of them but personally i liked all of them.
You can go with any of this option.
For me i am a nextdns user premium user for about 4years or so.
And controld is very new in this market but this is also good i have used adguard but there logs are not that good they say they provide logs for premium users only but you need to serve free users at least for trial.
Like controld to experience the service.
That was not there in adguard.

Did you try ? Even in free mode there are really good logs within their dashboard.

For me AdGuard has one of the best web dashboards… But I do have some issues with services not connecting.

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