Alternative to Adguard app on Android

Hello! Until recently I’ve been using Adguard free Android app. Then, I discovered that the CA certificate that it is needed for the HTTPS filtering, can read or access anything (tbh I don’t understand if this is correct).

So I am looking for an alternativa tha can offer ad and tracking blocking not only on browsers, but also on some apps.

I really confused, because I came across RethinkDNS, but the website doesn’t really recommend DNS filtering.

Thanks in advance!

I’d suggest you check out Control D this is a direct link to their free DNS resolver. You can toggle on some buttons on what kind of filtering you want, add them to your phone and try it out if you like it. If you want more control, you can choose for a premium sub and even use HaGeZi’s block lists or whatever you like.

Try ad block test before and after you changed the DNS to see what the difference is. There is currently a bug for the Firefox browser, so keep that in mind. Another benefit is that Control D doesn’t need to establish a VPN tunnel like AdGuard does.

There are some apps you can use:


You can use NextDNS or Adguard DNS if you need DNS level blocking.

rethinkdns dev here

Sorry, does our website not recommend DNS filtering? If so, I’d want to correct that.

Oh, sorry. It is not on rethinkDNS website, it’s been a while, but I think it was on Privacy Guides one, where it doesn’t really encourage the use of DNS.

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