Adguard or NextDNS, pros and cons?

Hi, in my quest to protect more and more of my digital life, i’m learning about DNS to block trackers (mainly on Android).
I’m a GrapheneOS user, and on my main user profile, i still have some apps full of trackers and would like to block as many as possible. I know about NextDNS and AdGuard, and would like to know what is the main difference between them, is there one better than the other for my case…?
I have Mullvad VPN always on, so am no concerned by their local VPN offer (AdGuard). So what is the best option to go for to block android apps’ trackers?
PS: it’s not necessarily for adds, but mostly for analytics trackers, even if adblocking is a plus but both option offer it.

Why not use Mullvad’s own DNS service? It does ad and tracker blocking, and you have fewer parties to trust, since your internet traffic is going through Mullvad servers anyway.

I’m not sure if they’ve added a toggle or button for it in the app, but if they haven’t here’s a guide:

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You cannot customize filters with Mullvad DNS. NextDNS does much better job and saves no logs too

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Maybe consider rethinkdns with its built-in wireguard?

I’m currently using this with mullvad vpn, but occasionally I get connection failures, I don’t know what’s wrong.

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NextDNS works great

rdns dev here

We’ve fixed a bunch of such issues as our understanding of WireGuard’s codebase improves. Expect to release version v055b in the coming days.

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If you are using Mullvad VPN at all times you cant have custom encrypted DNS as far as i can tell.
Mind also when you use a VPN without its DNS service you really stand out.

Still you can have better adblocking through AdGuard or NextDNS with linked IP addresses. (not encrypted though)

Now between the two the differences are small.
If i wasn’t using a VPN at all times, I would try both and check the usual location of the server i am connecting to (for better ping ms).
Then check the user interface of both services and choose the one i like more.
Both services are excellent and you cant go wrong.

Now about the small things that are leaning me more towards AdGuard.
AdGuard offers better options for build-in DNS blocklists. Like “HaGeZi’s Threat Intelligence Feeds” exist only there.
NextDNS despite the great reputation as a service, feels a bit abandoned lately. (support is slow or non existent and no new features or response to requests nowdays)

Not when DNS is also routed through the VPN, which is something Rethink (v055b onwards) does so by default. Private DNS (on Android) isn’t.