Add KDE Connect to (File Sharing and Sync)

A good alternative (for linux & Windows to Android) Open-Source Alternative for Airdrop.
It has its problems, but it’s definitely one of the best out there and it’s kind of weird that I couldn’t find any real discussion about it on github or the forum.

Last I check KDE Connect only worked on a beta version of the iOS. I guess they have working versions now?

Cool but does it use end to end encryption?

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I don’t use iOS but that seems to be the case.

I believe that a TLS encryption in this case is the E2EE, as there’s no middle server (besides the local router itself) during the transmission. KDE Connect is used to send files between 2 devices connected to the same local network.
I’m gonna quote what I found online:

From their Apple Store and Google Store description: End-to-end TLS encryption: your information is safe

Thanks to the Google Summer of Code project of Vineet Garg, KDE Connect now uses TLS sockets instead of RSA private-key encryption. This is not only safer against replay and man-in-the-middle attacks, but also faster and less battery-consuming to compute on your devices. Like SSH, we do trust-on-first-use (or TOFU, which sounds funnier) of the device certificate, and we have added a command line option to allow you to check the certificate fingerprints match on both ends

KDE Connect uses the TLS encryption protocol for its communications and SFTP to mount devices and to send files. So yes, it’s fairly secure (obviously there’s an increased attack surface when using it, like adding any additional services to a machine).

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