Account without email?

Is it possible to have an account on this forum or to remove email address from my existing account?

I guess removing email from your account is not possible
but you can sign up using simplelogin/github/apple

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Fill it with some randomly generated disposable email address.

I don’t know if this should be recommended.

In that case, if someone got access to that randomly generated disposable email address used to create an account in this forum, which shouldn’t be too hard to happen (Drawbacks of Using a Disposable Email Address section of the article), that person/attacker could sing in to that account simply using that email address and the “Skip the password; email me a login link” option that appears when an email address is written in the log in screen, unless two-factor authentication is set up.

Maybe would be interesting to have an option under account settings to enable/disable the option to log in to a forum account using a link sent to the main account email, to secure against an email compromise (although two-factor authentication should be enough to secure an account from such risk). Only a thought, though.

An email alias could be better suited for the job using a service like simplelogin or, for example.

I do not believe one can create an account on here without an email. What one could do is use services such as SimpleLogin, AnonAddy or use temporary, disposable “10 minute emails”. If you use temp. disposable emails however, be sure to enable 2FA on your newly created account, as you may run risk having your account stolen by the admin of the temp. email service as they can recreate the email and send themselves a password reset link