Write simple privacy prevention

Hi everyone,

I recently tried to write some simple prevention and informative texts about privacy in everyday’s life. The aim of those texts is to have something to send to people, that everyone can easily read (because I’m tired of explaining the same things over and over).

For example, it can be texts like “The problem with WhatsApp”, “Why open-source matters” or “Social networks’s dark side”.

So, I’m asking you if :
-You have ideas of topics that need an easy explanation
-You want to contribute in such texts

If some people are interested, I’ll be happy to share the first things I written with a friend. I apology in advance for our imperfect english. Please note that those texts will ALWAYS be released under libre licences that allow re-using, re-adapting, etc.

Even if you aren’t interested in contributing, tell me what do you think of the idea.

~Have a great day~

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I’ve written on a few topics myself, if anyone wants to read:

I think having resources to explain topics in simple terms is a great idea.

If you’re starting a new project, I’m not sure I’ll contribute only to it, because I want to keep writing my blog. You’re free to link to it or use my posts, since they’re under 0BSD.

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You can pick some topics from


and try to simplify it.