Would using Google Search without Javascript be considered private?

Hello there PrivacyGuides community. I’ve recently found that Google is still usable (albeit with a less appealing UI) even when I disable javascript, which I’ve heard is used for the majority of web tracking. Are there other tracking methods Google can use to track my searches? I do use a VPN so IP-based tracking would not be an issue. Would doing this be private enough for those looking to escape Google’s fingerprinting and invasive tracking of their searches? If this is enough to thwart Google’s tracking then it does seem like a nice way to get the benefits of Google’s search results and quick answers, without needing to sacrifice my privacy.

I don’t have any information on whether Google themselves use them, but yes there are means to track users of a website without having to use js at all (though it is a bit harder) – they rely on css usually if I’m remembering correctly

Ah, that is unfortunate to hear. Well, at least this can still be used as a mitigation measure to avoid most of Google’s tracking. Thanks for replying to my question.