Privacy Concerns While Using Embedded YouTube Videos

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently switched to using the Brave browser; however, I have a concern regarding embedded YouTube videos on other websites. I am using Firefox for browser isolation for Google services (logged in).

My question is, if I’m using the Brave Browser and I run embedded YouTube videos on other websites (I am actually doing some courses which have their website embedded with YouTube videos), is it possible for Google to track me in any way?

If yes, to what extent, and what can I do to mitigate that? Currently, I am using uBlock Origin to mitigate this potential tracking, and I am only allowing the following for embedded YouTube videos on Brave:

Additionally, I’ve configured my Brave Browser settings based on Privacy Guides’ recommendations, and I’m also using Mullvad VPN. Despite these measures, I’m still uncertain about the extent of tracking by Google through embedded YouTube videos.

Lastly, should I consider watching all the courses in the Mullvad browser and blocking all Google and Google-related domains on the Brave browser? I simply want Google to stop tracking me outside of Firefox.

I’d appreciate any insights or recommendations on how to further enhance privacy while using the Brave Browser, especially when it comes to dealing with embedded content like YouTube videos.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences. Thanks in advance!

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Should answer the question of Google (or Facebook for that matter) tracking you (or not tracking you)
Edit: I use Newpipe instead

Thanks for the reply.