Wise/Payoneer alternative?

I’m searching for a US account to receive payments (bulk payment from bussniess to an indivisual) and transfer the funds to my local account to avoid high fees associated with direct deposits. Wise requires a photo of me holding my passport, and Payoneer’s customer service is lacking. Another option is Revolut which I haven’t tried yet, but I’ve heard it’s subpar overall.

Any opinions?

do you need currency conversion or you use this for USD only?

Hi, Currency conversion is not necessary, but I haven’t seen a service without one. Also FYI, I’m not a US citizen and do not live in the US.

just open a local bank account with USD as currency. Maybe your current bank does not offer that but t is very likely three is a bank in your country that offers to create a foreign currency account. That will be the easiest if you do not need conversion.

And why is that an issue for you?