Paypal as an alternative payment method?

Hi everyone,

As a means of payment on the internet, Privacy Guides advise virtual cards, cryptocurrencies or gift cards.

My bank does not offer virtual cards, most merchants do not accept crypto and not all take gift cards.

My question is whether in the absence of the proposed means, it would not be better to use Paypal to make purchases online without putting your real card?

Thanks in advance.

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Depends if you trust your bank, but generally i would say hell no. You are just adding yet another party (in this case some fintech) company to the list.

Yes, but I think it’s still better to use Paypal.
I trust my bank, most of the time I pay in cash but for online purchases it knows everything I buy and especially it is not “advised” to put this real card for the risk related to data leakage for example.

If I feed a Paypal account to pay, my bank will not know my purchases and in case of hacking, the site will have only the email address (in theory) in term of privacy it is not better?

I don’t think this is better at all. I trust my bank more than paypal tbh. You are just swifting the trust. PayPal is not regulated as much as my bank is under my local laws. But make your own assessment here.