Windscribe is spreading FUD about Proton

Windscribe is unfairly using FUD about Proton for marketing purposes.
These are done in the Proton Technologies, ProtonMail and ProtonVPN articles of VPNMAP created by Windscribe. It supports the vpnscam[.]com smear campaign run by PIA, Spreading the false claim made by Privacy watchdog that the Proton Mail is a CIA honeypot, issues with Tesonet they fixed in 2018 Despite this, it has not been corrected. (Windscribe VPNMAP is the 2024 version)
PIA’s smear campaign and Privacy watchdog are notorious sources that have been debunked many times by the Privacy Guides team and community.
Privacy watchdog is also the source of a lot of bad FUD that is still being claimed in the privacy community, which is harmful to the community.
For these reasons, the team should reconsider recommending Windscribe.

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First we don’t recommend Windscribe, secondly from the link you provided they also included threads that debunked the claims, so I wouldn’t call it a smear campagn


I noticed this fairly recently as well, completely forgot about it. Very strange and they need to address it imo.

Privacy watchdog that the Proton Mail is a CIA honeypot

Lol, is this related to the “Spyware Watchdog” neocities website?

Why does their website footer say " © 2069 Windscribe Limited "??

I had to click neew circurit 4 times before their cloudflare stopped saying “youve been blocked”
what vpn co blocks tor??

there desktop application screenshot even has 69 and 420 jokes in it? aren’t they a business?

did they get taken over?

As brilliant and ingenious as humanity can be, it is always worth remembering that we are in fact apes. Or as Hanlon’s razor puts it:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

seems very par for the course with windscribe