Windows with O&O ShutUp10++

Hi everyone,

I was on Fedora Workstation on my laptop, and I wanted to try Kinoite. After more than two days of trying (I tried also Silverblue and Universal Blue options which seems to be great btw), I can install it or even re-install Wordkstation (I have an Anaconda error that I can’t avoid).

So, I decided, maybe temporarily, to swich to Windows with O&O ShutUp10++. After that, I’m really thinking at staying on Windows, because it’s maybe too much time to spend and it’s just working without any tweeks…

Do you think it’s a bad decision? Is Windows with privacy tools like O&O ShutUp10++ really bad or just okay? Or is Fedora a way more better?


If you’re talking about privacy, fedora (or most linux distos for that matter) is just plain better. If you don’t like fedora UI you should try the KDE Plasma version, it’s closer to the windows workflow

You’d starve yourself of important security updates. Windows built in protection and integrity checking relies entirely on Windows Defender and IIRC, these kinds of mods remove these protections.

If you need Windows for specific apps/programs, there is no shame in using it. Just segment it off your network properly. You can also learn Virtual Machines (and VFIO for advanced virtualization).

Modern Windows is telemetry now. Its inseperable at this point. They use it to improve and develop Windows continuously. Telemetry data decides the direction of development: what need changing and improving, and if you break it, you also break Windows. Think of Windows telemetey as the One Ring in Lord of the Rings, it seeks to go back to Redmond/Mordor, always.

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No they don’t, at least in O&O case

O&O ShutUp does not disable Windows Update or Defender. It just exposes a lot of enterprise policy controls. My understanding is their “recommended” settings don’t reduce device security at all.

Sending samples to Microsoft does not improve your security. If anything, it improves everyone else’s security.