Windows with O&O ShutUp10++

Hi everyone,

I was on Fedora Workstation on my laptop, and I wanted to try Kinoite. After more than two days of trying (I tried also Silverblue and Universal Blue options which seems to be great btw), I can install it or even re-install Wordkstation (I have an Anaconda error that I can’t avoid).

So, I decided, maybe temporarily, to swich to Windows with O&O ShutUp10++. After that, I’m really thinking at staying on Windows, because it’s maybe too much time to spend and it’s just working without any tweeks…

Do you think it’s a bad decision? Is Windows with privacy tools like O&O ShutUp10++ really bad or just okay? Or is Fedora a way more better?


If you’re talking about privacy, fedora (or most linux distos for that matter) is just plain better. If you don’t like fedora UI you should try the KDE Plasma version, it’s closer to the windows workflow