Opinions on ZorinOS?

I’m wondering what you people think of ZorinOS. It looks like a great Linux distro for beginners who know nothing about how Linux work (such as myself).

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ZorinOS is a great distro in terms of beginner friendliness (my non tech-savvy dad has been using it for years). But I’m not sure if there are any privacy benefits (better than Windows though). It has a beautiful ui and some paid features, but you don’t ever need those imo.

Secure Boot or immutable os would be more cutting edge in terms of security so you might want to keep an eye on fedora spins; however, with Redhat in the news nowadays some may consider that distasteful.

Yeah, it does not seem to be particularly built with privacy in mind. But I suppose there aren’t really any red flag either, right? Like, if I use it in a privacy-conscious way, prioritizing FOSS software, disabling tracking/telemetry where I can, etc, would it be an okay choice?

I’m asking that because what the behaviour I describe is essentially what I already try to do on my machines running MacOS and Windows, and like you say, I do feel like pretty much any linux distro would be an upgrade from proprietary OSes privacy wise(though it may not be the case security-wise, idk).

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