Wi-Fi question from Extreme Privacy: Mobile Devices (Bazzell)

In his digital book where he goes through setting up a private and secure device (with Graphene OS) among other things, he says under “Device Boot” the following:
“Upon first boot of GrapheneOS, press “Start” and “Next” until the Wi-Fi connection screen is present. Connect to Wi-Fi and complete the following tasks, with considerations for each”

Now, I am probably wrong, but would not connecting to Wi-Fi compromise your privacy. I mean he says that you must acquire a new device since your previous phone is already associated with you as an individual, but if you are connecting to your Wi-Fi with the new device, are you not already associating it with your previous devices and thus, you as an individual? At least to your ISP, thus probably govt and possibly other third parties.


i posted similar questions about possible traces