Why is Brave storing cookies?

My Brave macOS app is not set to delete cookies on exit, but I have “Forget me when I close this site” enabled and I have zero exception for the Shields, nor exceptions for third party cookies.
However, if I go on Settings- Security and Privacy - Settings of websites and Shields - View permissions and saved data for individual sites, there is several cookies of doubleclick.net, tapad. com, recaptcha. net, creativecdn. com, and a few other websites of my country. Not a big list, but I really don’t like this :sweat_smile:
It’s the same on my other macOS session. I had the same issue before I reseted my computer. Don’t you all have this ? Why does Brave keep cookies ?:cookie: :angry:

the screen shot was after rebooting my mac

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I tried “forget me” many months ago and noticed the same - browsing data was being stored. After my little test, I set the browser to delete all browsing data and continue to use another browser for logged in sites.

i can’t give you any reasons or explanations since i am not technically inclined, but i do happen to know how you might want to fix this. you first go to:

Settings > Privacy and security > Site and Shields Settings > Content > Additional content settings > On-device site data > Default behavior

(here is the link, since you have a different language than me and translation might mess up the path: brave://settings/content/siteData)

set the value of Default behavior to Delete data sites have saved to your device when you close all windows. enabling this removes all cookies/site data (when you close all windows), except for some exceptions that you can add in the Customized behavior section on the same page.

if you are going to add exceptions, i found that the above wasn’t enough to actually save the cookies/site data consistently. i had to also uncheck Forget me when I close this site on the particular site i wanted to except, combined with the above, to have it actually save the cookies/site data (i don’t know which term to use, sorry).

on a side note: i’m glad i encountered this post because i did not know where Brave put our list of all cookies and site data after they updated the privacy settings some time ago. thanks!

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