Why i detest the windows operating system

1: Bill Gates looks like an evil and very sinister frog. Linus Torvalds looks like a charming welcoming genius.

2: Proprietary. The code is closed and is likely full of all sorts of hidden telemetry, spyware and other nonsense. Huge potential for undisclosed vulnerabilities since you have to trust M$ with the code and not a larger FOSS community.

3: Constant updates and interruptions: Windows OS is known for frequently pushing updates that can disrupt your work flow and take up valuable time.

4: Security vulnerabilities: Windows OS is often targeted by hackers and malware due to its widespread popularity, making it more susceptible to security breaches.

5: Lack of customization options: Windows OS can be restrictive in terms of personalization, limiting the user’s ability to fully customize their desktop and user experience.

6: Bloatware: Windows OS often comes pre-installed with unnecessary software and applications that take up valuable storage space and can slow down system performance.

7: Forced updates: Windows OS has a reputation for automatically updating without the user’s consent, potentially causing compatibility issues with existing software or drivers.

8: Price: Windows OS requires a fee to use and adds extra costs to hardware when purchasing tech products. MAJORITY OF LINUX DISTROS ARE FREE. :slight_smile:

9: Incompatibility with certain older hardware: Windows OS may not always be compatible with older hardware, leading to frustrating compatibility issues for users. LINUX CAN RUN ON A TOASTER!

10: SPYWARE. Windows behavior and constant siphoning off of data to a large tech corporation can be argued as spyware.

11: I play Halo on Linux. :slight_smile:

12: I am a badass for using Linux. Anyone who prefers Linux over windows is already +1 in IQ.


My doctor told me that this is 100% true.


You forgot the biggest one: BSOD. Although Microsoft’s double agent Mr. Poettering is working on corrupting linux with it.
Really though 4 and 9 are kinda overstated. We’ve seen some big hack attempts on linux (which is prominent in the server space). And while linux absolutely mogs windows on hardware compatibility, the software situation can be a toss up.

The beauty of the Linux kernel is that people use it to create multiple different operating systems. It is highly customizable. Windows is not! The more choices, the better. If you dislike one Linux distro, you can always find another. Variety is the spice of life.


I also detest Windows, but let’s be accurate with the criticism

Interruptions yes (except on very well configured enterprise SOE images, god I love the windows team at my work :pleading_face: ), constant updates no; there’s only patch tuesday monthly and big feature updates don’t happen that often – Edge is the thing that keeps getting changed randomly at random times

And most mainstream linux distros are very insecure by default lol (LTS model my behated :angry: ). If you’re making this argument in support of Linux, you can make the inverse in support of Windows – because Windows is so popular and targeted, it has to constantly keep up to date and secure (but it’s not a good argument either way)

Subjective as fuck, but yeah I do quite enjoy ricing up a linux desktop so…

Only on home editions, which no one in their right mind should be using anyway – they don’t have bitlocker, they force an MS account, no domain joining, etc.

Nah, it’s very subsidised to the point where it basically doesn’t add anything to the cost of a new computer – see: the whole “windows refund day” thing and basically nothing coming of it.

There’s an argument to be made that including so much random cruft for old hardware within the linux kernel is unnecessary attack surface, but then MS includes even more legacy cruft so it kinda just boils down to “fuck monolithic kernels all my homies hate monolithic kernels”

Halo hasn’t been good since Reach, fight me /j

The real badass is one who recognises the right tool for the job and uses that :nerd_face: :point_up:

Also more arguments against Windows are: how much work it is to build an image that isn’t filled with crap, how much legacy stupid shit is in AD (which you need if you want a secure windows install), XBOX GAME BAR IN ENTERPRISE AND SERVER EDITIONS???, the bean counters getting to overrule the security people at every turn, Satya Nadella being a bean counter who overrules security people at every turn except for the 5 minutes when he listened to them but proceeded to get distracted by new shiny (AI bs) immediately, and so on


Disappointed that you did not mention the single most important reason why anyone should hate Windows: the environmental impact it has by consuming extra power for greedy and kind of pointless (capitalistic) purposes, e.g., telemetry, bloatware etc. Essentially, they will throw the environment under the bus for so much as a profit. Despite, ecosystems being the foundations of life, which is the foundation for abstract s**t like money. Short term profit over life I suppose, yes this mentality is contradictory over greater time scales.

Also, Halo rocks. I have completed every single Halo game on legendary countless times, the first three games are unparalleled. They are so ahead of their time both as single player and multiplayer games, heck Forge is basically the foundation for Roblox.

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This is not a joke, this is like stating that humans need to breathe to survive.

  1. damn good shitpost, even I can’t top that one.

  2. fair enough, security via obscurity sucks

  3. auto updates exist because a scarily large amount of people don’t know updates and will never manually update.

  4. Rule 0 of cyber security : Anything and everything that connects to the internet can be exploited.

  5. unrelated to privacy

  6. fair enough

  7. see reply to point 3

  8. i agree about linux distros being free, but most people who buy laptops, or prebuilts, don’t even know they pay for the windows license as it is included with the cost of the hardware. Windows is effectively a free install for them.

  9. fair enough, but the Linux kernel overcompensates and adds attack surface by retaining compatibility for literally everything

  10. fair enough, but there is software that is much worse in this regard. Microsoft mostly uses your data for ads, other true spyware like pegasus can be used by governments to target individuals specifically.

  11. what

  12. greatest endoff to a shitpost that i have ever seen.

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I guess it’s great to see that the majority of people are real badass because they’re using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Windows and are deep in Apple’s and Google’s ecosystems because those tools are arguably the right/best tools for the job.

Unfortunately, I’m not a real badass because I value my privacy, security, and freedom over using the right tool for the job.

I remember when Chris Titus said something similar in his video along the lines of, “Use the best/right tool for the job, and then try to make it private.” And these kinds of takes are why I don’t watch him anymore, lol.

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Okay jokes aside, it is a sacrifice to use options that are the most private/secure/free as in speech not free as in beer tools as opposed to tools that are better suited. Making that sacrifice doesn’t make someone a badass, it just makes them someone who values the aforementioned metrics above e.g., productivity or convenience.

What is badass is being the person in your company or your family or just friendgroup who spreads the word about FOSS as an ideology, or fights to make FOSS more inclusive, or one of many other meaningful, cool things (not that I’m accusing anyone here of doing or not doing that, just an example of what I would consider actually badass!)


All valid except 12

12 is probably the most valid of them all.

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